Be Proud Of Your Black

First....all! black women are BEAUTIFUL. Light, dark, in between, all are gorgeous!

That truth out of the way...I, personally now, am totally smitten by the darkest of dark skinned women. 
I have my reasons, & if I laid them out here, we'd all be dead, plus ten yrs. by the time I finished. Uhhh, you get the point. A long (windbag, wordy) time. Given that,in no possible way does that detract from my opening statement that ALL & yes, I mean it, all black women are BEAUTIFUL! The thing that I find puzzling tho' is why girls of lighter skin berate your darker/darkest sisters? Ever hear the saying... differnt strokes for different folks?
(And)to think that girls of the darker skin are humiliated to bleach their skin to look white, or at least to be lighter? Really? Y'all do realize that bleach is a toxic chemical, that you skin is your bodies largest organ & finally...bleach does not remain topical.That it will reach the bodies internal organs including your bloodstream?
We are all different for a reason. Imagine how boring the world would be if we all looked alike? Six billion clones, all acting, sounding, thinking,looking the same? Gad zooks! How long until we all went insane? Thin lips, thick lips, sharp nose, fat (broad) nose. Straight hair, natural hair, wavy hair, afro. Are we dissing each other out of jealousy or envy?
hot amazing flawlessly beautiful black woman
Be who you are, love who you are, appreciate the differences & don't befriend anyone who says to be cool you need to look different than the way you look. If you want to change your looks, style, make-up....Whatever, do it for yourselves, only. And, stay away from bleach, except to clean! Not to lighten your skin. Just,Dan..

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