Why Black Girls Point Out White Women Wear Weaves Too

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Black women who say white women wear weaves too, obviously only say that because that's who their mimicking.

This billion pound plus industry that we don't own and run is making Black Women Sick? Come on.   I actually thought they stopped relaxing hair before placing the weaves on. Promote black Natural hair and black hair products created by black people.  

Just leave us to wear our weave and hair extensions in peace! Because if the truth be told most of you think black women are ugly and are not attracted to us in our natural state. 💯
Plus white, Asian and mixed women wear weave too. It doesn't make sense. Just go natural for your beautiful selves not for anyone else. Set an example of self-love for those who follow and look up to you.

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But it's pointless for men to complain about it then pine after curly hair. It's like men want women to admit to self-hate but won't acknowledge their own. Even women in the black panther party complained that a lot of the men still had issues with colorism and textures. Kathleen Cleaver noticed this.

The whole point was men complain about not liking weave but they like straight and loose curls. I see your point. I think many black men have succumbed to the white concept of beauty because in part there are few (but increasing) examples of black women wearing their natural hair. It is only a black woman that can re-educate the lost ones.

Idk its strong in those in France, UK, America, Australia are bombarded with Eurocentric beauty standards and being similar looking to biracial blacks is deemed the most beautiful for black women. So even if one isn't mixed and they have softer hair like my mom they will receive compliments.

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Tell that to every woman no matter their race. its crazy how they act like only black women wear anything fake. All these other races are wearing fake lashes, fake nails, hair extensions wigs, clip-in, etc. Tell them don't go under the knife, no makeup, fake nails, hair, ass, lips, you name it.

That doesn’t mean black women should bow to the tyranny of these losers. My wife is fully natural and so is my daughter.

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Where true love lives a man will see past the hair, I'd like to think so anyway .. #the shallowness is real... 🙈, I wear a weave and in fact my hubby helps me to remove it when the time comes, when we met my hair was natural as I was only a teenager, he has seen it relaxed, weave, red, copper etc,... Has that affected us, absolutely not... It's a nonsense 🙄

Absolutely cuz, a weave does not change who you are inside. I am natural but I used to wear a weave, so how can I tell someone what to wear or not wear. from my understanding, the post was referring to Some Black men who are hypocritical about the black woman. Obviously, not all Black men are like that.

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Yep hypocritical, get that a lot. These same men will not look no hair or natural woman if they do a lot look at them, look at them like there something wrong. The men that approach me are not the same men when I have natural hair.

One of the worst things one can do is to try and change who you really are in order to fit what you think is someone else's ideal in order to be accepted...big mistake which only leads to losing self..a tragedy!

I'm all for mature conversion but there is a culture of emotional abuse of black girls and women. And it mostly men with no black girlfriend, if that the case what it got to do with you, with your none season cooking woman.

Maybe they are dating white or mixed race because they don't like the weave?!... Maybe...

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Let's be real 6 years ago a lot of black men were making fun of women with nappy hair. Now all of a sudden they are pro-black and don't like perms? And even with a natural hair movement, they can't find black women without weave?

I noticed a lot of black men pinning after mixed Brazilians and Dominicans "cuz they are black too". I can't say where is the cut off point for blackness but most of them are 55-60% African which allows many to have type 3 hair.

 I have no doubt that there are some BM who may have and indeed continue to ridicule BW for being natural or having "nappy hair" I felt pressured at college to relax my hair from both black boys and girls. As an adult, my world is very different before I decided to return to natural my male friends all encouraged me to... That's my circle.

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For instance, there is a pro-black guy who keeps telling me how pretty this Brazilian woman is but she isn't the blackest woman. White men don't look for mixed women and claim them as white so why do black men?

when many pro-black men feel this is the ideal natural sista then we have a problem. She fluffs her hair out it is actually curlier and more defined and her curls are bigger.

 it's a valid question where is the cut off for blackness?! I think we have to be careful to avoid curls, kinks and afro shadism. I was once told by a woman with 4c hair that my journey to accepting my natural can't have been that difficult because I have a looser curl pattern so it should have been easy for me.

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In Brazil, she is called black and in Colombia and the USA should be black too. The argument becomes since most people of the Americas are part European where do we draw the line? I'm not 100% African so is it right for me to exclude anyone but I look more black than her so maybe I can.

my mom's hair is 4a/3c and always got complimented on her hair even compared to her sister's hair who is light skin. So my aunt clung to being light skin to compensate for not having the hair. My mom told me once she was out and this guy was looking at her texture and saying "wow it's so shiny do you press it?" Then he looked at my aunt and said: "but you don't have that texture do you?"

that is exactly what I'm talking about... The same way all shades of black are beautiful so are all textures...that is sad to hear. Both of yall need to hook up and have a get together (maybe a sleepover) and chit chat about how much ur so busy noticing, BM who love light skin no weave, and fail to see the ones that think ur cute,... cutie

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Hmmm, let us suppose this is true, that black men are really attracted to mix race and white women before black women. How did this come about to be, because as it pertains to attraction and standards of beauty it is women that set the trends and cues that usually elicits interests from males?

When did it come about those typical standards of Europeans beauty are the cues to elicit interests from black males? It’s evident that it couldn’t have from black males, as black men are generally interested in black women naturally. 

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Now think about it, white women project their standards of beauty and their cues to eliciting interests from their men; their men in turn around enamored by it, glorify it, putting it all about the place in the media, magazines, t.v etc doesn’t strike us that the standards of beautiful black women are picking up and placing upon themselves are in effect to attract the white man subconsciously rather than the black man?

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