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Everybody knows that the African -Black woman is the most beautiful in the world. But many people continue to find a way not to promote that fact, It makes no difference because in Africa women are walking proud and basking in their God given beauty.
At least black women don't go under the knife as the others, have fake aaasses,body, lips, Botox and mm. Most of women have something fake , others trying to look like us even do have fake hair as well.
cultural identity is so important to be taken into consideration.Alienation being part of all that non sense .is the problem many have today. Also acknowledge the fact that been black isn’t only about mélanine . Been black goes hand in hand with our mélanine ,cultural ,spiritual. Gorgeous Alluring Most Beautiful Black Woman With Curves

 Every other race want to have the physical attributes of a Black African woman by going under the knife, it called face lift, bum lift, and liposuction. Lets get the facts right , It is sensible to be called African than using colours like we have no race when the African race was how the Human existence came about in the first place. Go and check recent studies done by European genealogists and Archeologists.
 I was raised in a house of strong black men who all think black women are the most beautiful on this earth so whilst I understand the narrative around black men in this post and that there are black men like this we need to look a little deeper here. First and foremost a black man expressing his desire to see a black woman’s natural hair isn’t always an insult or an attempt to control a black woman. That acceptance he’s providing that we don’t receive in dominant society should be seen as an act of solidarity not met with defensiveness. It should open up a conversation instead of throwing out accusations.
Gorgeous most beautiful Black woman.

there are equally a lot of black women that actually do not like, love or care for their natural hair as they see it as a nuisance, unprofessional and generally buy into all of the stereotypes around our hair without even realising it. I have to be honest there are also a lot of black women walking round with weaves and it doesn’t even suit their features . Black women are the most beautiful human creatures on this planet.
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So y'all think if a black man isn't attracted to a black woman he will be when she start wearing fake white woman's hair ? Am struggling to find any logic in that sorry lol just wear whatever you feel like but stand behind your choices. Blaming it on men just doesnt work ...

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