The Most Beautiful Black Women

Black Girl magic celebrates the beauty of divine Black women. The melanated Black woman is truly beautiful in all of her dark skin and melanin glory. Black women are to be adored and loved by all. There is nothing as beautiful as the beautiful Black woman as she is so beautiful and gorgeous!

 It’s true ppl too grown to be worried about who someone chose to date. He’s good as long as he don’t disrespect the black women
You all spend too much time worrying about who's fucking who.....put that energy into your own lives for a change geesh
Dating whites is one thing, but PREFERRING white woman, naw. Not feeling him on that one.
 A black man who doesn't prefer black women isn't a man worth supporting in my book. He's free to date whomever and she's free to support him; I however will support those who support me.
Maybe his goal is to sleep with white women and marry a sista.
'm not supporting no mofo who embraces, and takes my money to support mutants, their families and communities-Straight like that. My money: my choice. Now, the mofo can hug a goddamn tree for all I'm concerned.
These same hypocritical queens support every bw who doesn't date bm though. That man should give ya the middle finger and keep it moving
hat Queens are you speaking of Brother, because I support building black families, communities and black men.
I wish for once I could talk to my Brothers without all these goddamn mutants always tryin' to get in our shit. Always.
Because a black man would basically bring up how we should solidify building black families, and the importance of being with a black woman and protecting a black woman.
i don't knw what mutants you're talking about all i know is ya need to keep the same energy. this is getting outta hand and ya wonder why more bm are dating out
 I agree. The mf complaining about him never had a chance with him to begin with lol let that man live
It IS disrespectful to prefer white women over black women, when you came from a black woman.
BW don't become pro-black until they go through there fair share of wm and get tossed back.
Adults do what adults do one's support nor their approval will change the decision... Keep living and keep growing.

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